The whole team gives its best every day to create a unique experience for you and your palate.

The dream team: Pietros


Our two Pietros are responsible for the smooth running at the front and in the kitchen. With them, Klingler’s Ristorante has gained two true professionals and passionate restautateurs.


Pietro Prestito is our restaurant manager and tries to make every wish come true for you, because for him the guest is clearly king.

With a little smile, he calls himself a „Sicilian Swabian“. He inherited the incomparable kindness of a Southern Italian from his parents and learned German accuracy at school. His years with Brigitte and Roland Jöhri at Talvo in St. Moritz have left their mark on him, as well as those at Ivo Adam’s side at Seven in Ascona.

“With my young family I feel at home in Zurich. I like the city, the people and the pulsating activity here,” says Pietro Prestito.

There could not be a more perfect mix for the accomplished profile of the host at the Mediterranean Klingler’s Ristorante. Fort he right wine selection, you can rely entirely on his advice or ask him for it, it will put a smile on his face.


Pietro Cucco is our chef and creates dishes that will melt in your palate.

He was born with a passion for cooking: At the age of six, he already cooked his own risotto. It is therefore not surprising that he attended the hotel management school which provided him with first-class opportunities. He cooked in the best establishments, such as the Richmond in Geneva or Zuma and L’Anima in London.

About his cuisine at Klingler’s Ristorante, Pietro Cucco says with a chuckle on his face: „My cuisine is funny, serious and simple.“